Cappadocia Mud Bath

Cappadocia Mud Bath

Enjoy your mud bathing session!

People have been bathing in mud for generations. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years and can be found now in high-end spas in many countries of the world. The mud baths of Turkey are one of the country’s biggest attractions. Detox in Cappadocia with a mud bath and let small toothless fish nibble the dead skin from your feet. An awesome, curative and relaxing experience. A large underground cave contains specially certified mud which has many beneficial qualities for your skin and circulation.

After you take a shower (for hygiene) you can start with our most loved mud bath pool. After spending some time in mud your skin starts to feel tense, alive and smooth.

A hot water pool takes your body tension and helps you relax both physically and psychologically.

You can end your session with fish therapy. Doctor fish will remove the dead skin from the feet and helps for healthy feet.

You can have a coffee or a refreshment drink or do some shopping for your skin in the store.

Why Cappadocia Mud Bath Helps?

Cappadocia Mud Bath pic-2

Almost every guest of the mud pool in the cave satisfied with their experience.
Get the most of your Cappadocia travel with a mud bath. Mud bath also tightens the skin, removes the dead skin, help to renew the cells and gives a shiny and younger look.

Relax in Cappadocia Hot Water Cave Pool

Cappadocia Hot Water Cave Pool

Crown your Cappadocia travel in a hot water cave pool!

Get the most of your Cappadocia travel with mud bath session and let your skin absorbs the relaxation to your body and mind in the hot water pool.

How Doctor Fish Therapy Works?

Cappadocia Doctor Fish Therapy

Let nature help your feet.
Doctor Fish at Cappacodia! The fish heals your feet with removing the dead skin and harmful bacteria from the feet.

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