About Us

About Turkishbaths.org

It started back in 2018 in Newyork around a dining room table. TurkishBaths is the first booking platform for Turkish bath and hammam businesses and has been a leader in online hammam booking. Since then we have been on a mission to inspire people to express their beauty in every way. We believe there is a better way to find and book your spa and hammam services. More choice and the confidence to try new things. We want to make booking Turkish bath & hammam, spa and wellness appointments simple, effortless and fast – around the clock.

We’re responding to a real consumer-based demand. Despite the vast size of the industry, less than 5% of health and beauty bookings are done online – 10 times less than bookings in comparable fields (e.g. hotel and hospitality). By responding to a client need for a digital booking, we have provided businesses with dramatic benefits. With Turkish Baths, clients make 30-44% more appointments. Of these client-based appointments, 60% are made outside of working hours.

Who you’re talking to
We are the largest Turkish bath & hammam booking site in the world. We are constantly acquiring new trusted and business partners from different points in the world.  Staff have first-hand experience of venues and between our phone lines (open Monday-Saturday) and our online service, customers can book 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our mission is to serve you the perfect service
We’re an eclectic group of 10 people working in offices throughout Europe, with over 1,000 local partners. It amounts to one amazing company: a 24/7 Turkish baths & hammams bookings platform that puts customers and hammam managers in control, lets you book at times and prices that suit you.