The Refreshing Turkish Bath Treatment
Turkish Bath Istanbul

The Refreshing Turkish Bath Treatment

It may surprise you to know that there is many a Turkish bath-type facility dotted around the Turkey. I enjoy having one as a means of

a) relaxing and
b) feeling as though I’ve been cleaned within an inch of my life.

I had my first one years ago, on an overseas (business) trip. I spent a few days in Istanbul Turkey, and of course the country is famous for its old-style bathing houses.

I ended up visiting a Turkish bath in Istanbul with a colleague and once the experience was over, I was sold. Luckily there are a variety of spa’s near me, one of which provides the same method of body cleansing that you’ll find in a Turkish bath overseas. I can’t define exactly why I enjoy them, as they’re certainly not to everyone’s tastes.

Basically a Turkish bath isn’t quite as relaxing as an ordinary massage, or a trip to the steam room. There’s a lot more scrubbing and polishing going on, which is partly why you feel so clean afterward. The method by which you define a ‘Turkish bath’ is as follows:

1-You relax in a room that delivers an even temperature. Warm, relaxing, designed to make you loosen up
2-You then move onto the hot room, and by this time you’re really feeling the heat. You are then scrubbed, washed and massaged, thoroughly
3-Next it’s you’re cooled down, by way of being splashed with (or splashing yourself with) cold water
4-You then move onto the cool room, which is where your body temperature is cooled back down

As you can see, it’s quite the ‘journey’, and absolutely will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The Turkish masseurs are pretty vigorous when it comes to the washing and scrubbing, and the change in body temperatures, done by way of the different rooms, perfectly complements the actual cleansing aspect of the practice.

If, like me, time is sometimes of the essence, you can perform a ‘home’ version in need be. Simply use a medium set temperature in the shower, and use it to unwind. Then turn the heat back up and attack your body with a rough body brush or loofah type sponge. Use plenty of soap, and be vigorous when it comes to the scrubbing. Once you’re done, cool the shower temperature right down again, and you’re done.

Personally I prefer to have it done by someone else, as it kind of impacts better on my well-being. I keep track on our home calendar planner, though openly writing ‘bath time’ against my name, maybe once a month, does raise the odd question from visitors to our home … still, I always recommend folks give it a try, if for no other reason that they’re wholly beneficial, and wonderfully revitalizing the old body.

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