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The Oldest and Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

In Turkey the tradition of Turkish baths (Turkish hamam) is lost, less than 100 years ago there was about 2,500 Turkish baths (Turkish hammam) public, nowadays there are only about 100, this decadence is mainly due to the installation of bathrooms in homes in the 50s and 60s. Most of the Turkish baths are old buildings and are more than 500 years old. Turkish baths (Turkish baths) were essential to personal hygiene previously, while nowadays it is a place where the priority is relaxation and relaxation.

The Turkish baths (Turkish hammam) public is never mixed (it is possible that it be in the private sector, in hotels for example where it is not uncommon that we offer a couple of formula). In the Turkish baths (Turkish hammam) there are schedules or different rooms for women and men.

Men wash and massage men, women wash and massage women. Check with locals beforehand if the place is clean and the professional staff, otherwise you may come out at the square. The phrase “strong as a Turk” has never made so much sense. You will experience it, men!

These places that inspired the artists of the Turkish baths (Turkish hammam):

In Turkey, some Turkish baths remain meeting places. Interpret the gestures of people around you and know how to say no. Sometimes the masseurs have wandering hands. Do not hesitate to ask that you massage more gently, masseurs can sometimes lack delicacy. And finally, blow! The experience is very pleasant, allowing complete relaxation.

Avoid at all costs places too touristy, which are priced too expensive and with a too sanitized atmosphere.

Women are generally more gentle between them and they go there with friends to spend a friendly moment … There are bath kits including a “peshtemal” (plaid loincloth often red or blue) that we put in, soap , a pumice stone and sometimes the old Turkish bath shoes made of wood or gold and silver. These are called “takunya”.

Gift box “Turkish baths” (Turkish hammam):

Turkish bath gift box Turkish hamam peshtemals set

Turkish Hammams: a real pleasure, an Absolute Relaxation

A “peshtemal” is loaned to you at the entrance of the Turkish baths (Turkish hammam) to be able to stroll in all tranquility:

peshtemal towel turkish bath towel

Letting go in the hammams in Istanbul:

At Sultan Ahmet between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, a magical place where history is omnipresent.

With a little imagination we are back in the time of the sultans, do not you see Hürrem Sultan crossing the gardens with his maids?

I see them go together to a Turkish hammam, wearing takounya, those of Hürrem is silver, those of his servants and slaves are wooden. They wear peshtemals and they have soap in their hands.

Takunya models / Turkish bath shoes:

Takunya models - Turkish bath shoes - hamam shoes

The Turkish baths (Turkish hammam) of Hürrem make a new skin. Closed for 100 years, they were rehabilitated identically in an Ottoman atmosphere.
Come and be pampered, wash, rub, massage, enjoy fruits, drink good tea …
A marvel, in a splendid setting, for a little while you become Sultan!

It was a good day of relaxation in the Turkish baths (Turkish steam room) in Istanbul.

The Oldest and Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

One of the oldest baths in Istanbul is Cemberlitas Hamami, located close to the Grand Bazaar. Built-in 1584 by the Ottomans’ most celebrated architect, Mimar Sinan, the Hamam is still heated in a time-honored way, by a furnace that burns wood chips, producing steam that warms the entire structure.

Another most important hammam to visit is Cagaloglu Hamami. Cağaloğlu is the last big Hamam built in the Ottoman era and was put in the list of 1000 must-see places before you die by the New York Times! The Hamam has been in continuous operation since it opened in 1741.

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